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Jocelyn Blair
Senior Editor

In 2001, Jocelyn moved from Michigan to New York City with a certification in Personal Training and a love of fitness. She contributed to several major online magazines, including Bodybuilding.com and NASM. In 2007, Jocelyn joined WiseLivn Media and help developed it into the daily website it is today. Email her at jocelyn@wiselivn.com.

Carlos Lynnard
Associate Editor

Carlos has always loved talking to people and hearing their stories. After graduating with a journalism degree, he wrote on the marketing teams of various tech companies, but would always find time to write for his personal blog. In 2021, he began working for WiseLivn Media and quickly become an invaluable part of the team. Say hello at carlos@wiselivn.com

Michelle Mallery
Contributing Editor

Michelle is an award-winning interior designer of residential and commercial spaces, Michelle strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives. With more than ten years of extensive and considerable experience, she possesses an innate desire to create and design interiors that exceed clients’ expectations. Say hello at michelle@wiselivn.com

Kiera Wong
Contributing Editor

Kiera is a registered dietitian/nutritionist certified in professional culinary arts. She works with those who desire to be energetic, vital, and strong by balancing their hormones naturally through nutrition. Her specialty is teaching how to eat so that your body can naturally detoxify itself and feel comfortable in your own body. Get in touch at kiera@wiselivn.com

Rebeca Higdon
Contributing Editor

Meet Rebeca, a passionate shopping blogger with a keen eye for style and an insatiable thirst for discovering new trends. Born and raised in the heart of New York City, Rebeca's love for spotting innovative products began at a young age as she launched her own online shopping blog, writing about various products. Get in touch at rebeca@wiselivn.com

Kayleen Hargrove
Contributing Editor

Kayleen is a food blogger living in Dallas. She has been blogging for three years and loves sharing her recipes with the world. She often looks for new ingredients to experiment with or innovative techniques to try out. Whenever she finds something interesting, she shares it on her blogs so that others can benefit. Contact her at kayleen@wiselivn.com